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"I truly believe that crisis is transformational. Please call me to confidentially dicuss your matter." - Jane Eigner Mintz

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Jane provides a full spectrum of services ranging from initial clinical
consultations, individual and family clinical support services, treatment
referrals, crisis intervention, client transports, and broad scope case
management and monitoring services.

About Jane

Jane is founder and primary clinical strategist of her concierge international private pay, private practice, Realife Intervention Solutions, LLC. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) in the State of Ohio and holds a Masters Degree in Community Counseling from John Carroll University in Cleveland, Ohio. She obtained her undergraduate degree from Washington University in Clinical Psychology and is a graduate of Laurel School in Shaker Heights, Ohio.

Jane is a highly regarded clinical crisis specialist, strategist and veteran treatment provider in the addiction and behavioral health industries and is known for her work with high net worth-high asset, clinically complex individuals and family systems in crisis. Her commitment to clinical excellence, adherence to the strictest codes of discretion, confidentiality and real-time concierge availability to families and collaborative treatment professionals, have put her as one of the most trusted “go-to” providers in the world. Her vast international referral network of treatment providers, services and facilities place her in a unique position to quickly advise and support those she serves.

Additionally, Jane is widely regarded for her unwavering ethics, professional and personal boundaries and tenacity in all of her capacities.

Jane is strong, smart, measured and clinically informed in creating strategies that are individualized and appropriate for whatever situation is at hand. She approaches each case from a clinical lens and will always default to the least invasive, least dramatic approach to change. Her resources are diverse and vast.

Jane is a pioneer and thought leader in the industry and authored the first clinical model of intervention called The Field Model of Intervention and has trained and supervised nearly 400 interventionists around the world. She is a noted industry consultant, speaker, author and trainer in the addiction and behavioral health fields.

She is available on a consulting, retainer and full or partial case basis.

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