Core Treatment Strategies

Every intervention follows the same strategy: Assessment, Alignment, Action.


Every case begins with a thorough clinical assessment so that Jane and the Realife team can truly understand the individual and family. Our clinicians will speak with all parties to gather as much clinical information and history on the client as possible so that we can develop a plan that will best meet the needs of both the individual and the family.


Once the assessment is complete, it’s essential to get everyone in the family working, thinking and acting together to ensure the highest level of success. This is what we call the “herd mentality”. The individual in crisis has separated from the herd, and the intervention is an effort to bring them back in. We’ll teach you new ways to think, communicate and interact that will initiate a shift in the current family dynamic and create healthier behaviors throughout the family unit.

With this system, there is no such thing as a failed intervention because regardless of the outcome, the family will be free from being held hostage by old, destructive and painful ways of interacting with each other.


Once the family is in alignment, it’s time to take action and begin to implement the new ways of thinking, communicating and interacting to usher in a time of healing for the client and the family. Action is the key to saving lives and to truly changing the individual and the family dynamic.

Action doesn’t end with the intervention. Once a client is in treatment, it’s essential that the family continues to embrace the new dynamic to ensure continued healing for all. Jane and the Realife team continue to provide support in implementing these strategies throughout the course of the intervention, treatment and aftercare process.