Consulting Services

If you’re unsure of what next steps are for you and your family but aren’t ready to commit to the intervention process, Jane performs a limited amount of case reviews and recommendations per year. If you’d like learn more or have Jane review your family’s circumstances and make clinical recommendations, contact us HERE.


If you’re a clinician struggling with a particularly challenging case, Jane can provide clinical consulting and strategy to help you determine the right course of action for your treatment. If you’re interested in clinical consulting, please contact us HERE.


If you’re a treatment center and you’d like to train your staff on how to effectively and ethically deal with resistant clients, Jane does on-site trainings for staff. If you’d like to learn more about an on site training with Jane, please contact us HERE.


If you’re a marketing representative for a treatment center or lead a marketing team in the treatment industry, Jane leads on-site trainings for marketing staff to educate on the intervention industry that aims to elevate the industry and help marketing teams get a better understanding of ethical intervention strategies. If you’d like to learn more about an on-site marketing training with Jane, please contact us HERE.