The Realife Group (Realife Intervention Solutions, LLC) is the global private pay, group practice of Jane Eigner Mintz, MA, LPC, BCPC, CIP.  Jane leads a team of  Licensed Clinical Strategists, Interventionists, Therapists and full scope Support Service Providers that specialize in working with complex individuals and families in crisis that suffer from addiction, behavioral health and financial and generational wealth related issues.

Their methods and philosophies to crisis and change are dynamic, empowering, intuitive, frank and motivational. Most of all we are ethical clinicians that are progressive, solution based providers and thinkers.

The Realife Group team based, multi-level clinical assessment based and supervision oriented approach that offers families an additional layer of comfort, support and assurance that their loved one will be cared for with the highest level of ethical and evidence-based supports.

Every case is staffed by at least one-licensed clinician and one seasoned practitioner and overseen and monitored by Jane Eigner Mintz, a veteran crisis specialist.

The Realife Group works ONLY on behalf of individuals and families and is never remunerated by treatment centers for placements or referrals. EVER.

The Realife Group offers exceptional broad scope intervention, change-oriented strategies, consulting serviceseco-equine based workshops and counseling and support services and remote case management and coaching services to individuals and families finding themselves at a crossroads in their lives.

Realife is a global practice and we utilize our extensive, hand picked, elite network of exceptionally trained clinicians and service providers to assist her with staffing our national and international clients.  Our clinicians travel extensively and are available 24/7.