Whom I Serve

Jane provides a full spectrum of services ranging from initial clinical consultations, individual and family clinical support services, treatment referrals, crisis intervention, client transports, and broad scope case management and monitoring services.

With our case management and advocacy support, we’ll supervise the treatment process for your loved one from admission through after-care. We provide full spectrum client services in the following areas:

Client Populations:

  • Crisis intervention (all levels of resistance, addiction and psychiatric disorders)
  • Drug and alcohol addiction and abuse
  • Complex family systems
  • Multi-generational wealth and high net worth individuals
  • Eating disorders
  • Sexual compulsivity
  • Gambling addictions
  • Financial disorders
  • Gaming and internet addictions
  • Shopping and spending addictions
  • Hoarding/OCD behavioral issues
  • Love and relationship addictions
  • Complex dual diagnosis cases
  • Complex psychiatric cases
  • Depression, anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorders
  • Co-dependency and enmeshment family systems
  • Case consultation and case management
  • Treatment planning and placement recommendations
  • Therapeutic transports
  • Post treatment planning, case management and monitoring
  • Institutional consulting
  • Equine assisted therapy