How I Can Help

Jane Eigner Mintz is a global leader in clinical crisis intervention. Jane specializes in working with clinically complex, resistant and reluctant individuals and their families to develop highly ethical and effective plans to move out of crisis and into treatment.

Jane is a veteran clinician and crisis strategist. Her years of experience in the addiction and behavioral health field have allowed her to create and exceptionally robust network of healthcare providers across the world.

Jane takes a very humanistic approach to wellness and will work with individuals and families to create correct and ethical treatment strategies to improve outcomes for all involved.

Jane’s approach is especially celebrated by the families that she works with. A successful intervention is directly related to the preparation work completed before the intervention, and Jane spends hours working with the families to make sure that entire family system is involved and ready prior to meeting with the individual in crisis.

This initial meeting provides the education, inspiration and hope necessary for families to begin the healing process regardless of the outcome of the intervention. Jane works on an hourly, retainer, and full-case basis. Her rates directly apply to the scope of work necessary.

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